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The Past

SHOPLYS is a full-featured e-commerce engine with functionality that competes with the major providers. It started as a platform aimed at selling custom apparel, and soon we had many customers asking us for features that are not available with the major e-commerce brands.

The Present

Sticking with our advantages of selling custom products along with customized order tracking, through friends and close contacts we identified a niche in the creative arts and skilled trades. Quite often these industries sell custom products with a variety of options and choices, something that can be difficult to offer with the major e-commerce platforms. We also realized these are typically small businesses that also need to establish an online presence, or website, along with their e-commerce functionality, and they don't have the time to build something porfessional with a DIY tool.

The Future

We continue to build on our e-commerce functionality, and have been spending more time on the website builder. Our aim is to offer more tools and options for the website features so that they rival the flexibility we offer with the e-commerce engine.

The SHOPLYS Advantage


It's a fair question.

First, we have included a web presence alongside the store so we provide a website and store combination.

Second, we will build the initial site and store for you, saving you countless hours.

Third, our system is built to support an infinite combination of options and choices per product, with real-time display of the selected choices. This is key when offering customized products, and is perfect for framed items, various colors, design combinations, stains, base models, etc.

Fourth, we are open to adding customizations that you require that are not currently in the product. You will not get this from many other platforms.

Our Product

Shoplys Logo How is this a different e-commerce solution?

Rather than list all of the features that are common amongst most platforms, here is where we're different


We built it, and we'll change it or add to it based on your needs.

Custom Products

No limits on options and choices, and display the final product in real-time.

Order Tracking

Custom milestones so you and your customers can track the process.


No time to build your store? We'll do it for you! Perfect for pop-up short-term stores.

Flexible Payment

Allow your customers to pay online, offline, or both for ultimate flexibility.


Build groups to easily manage and track group orders of any size.


Custom Apparel

To the left you'll get an idea of what the finished site could look like.

These screenshots are based on Gearware, the site that helped launch the engine.

For a hands-on demo experience, we have created a demo site at where you can experience the functionality first hand, including making a purchase. If you'd like to check out, use the card # 4242 4242 4242 4242 with any valid expiry and any code.

The images to the left include the home screen, store page, item details page, cart page, order managemenet page and product management screen.

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